How To Choose A Good SEO Company For Your Business

how to find a good SEO company

A quick guide to help you in choosing a reputable company to manage your website's SEO campaign.

Decide if you need to hire an SEO firm!

Before embarking on the journey to find your company the best possible SEO known to Earth, you should first evaluate your situation and decide if you need to hire a SEO company.

Things To Consi​​​​der

Current Website Rankings

Evaluate where your company currently ranks for the most basic keywords. Compare your business's website with the rankings of your major competitors. Are you above them, below them, can't be found at all, etc.

Keep in mind that page 1 gets 95%+ of all search clicks and the top 3 or 4 results are getting more than 70% of those clicks!

Current Traffic

How much traffic are your currently receiving on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis and how do these numbers stack with with your sales goals. Are you getting enough traffic to meet your goals but you want even more growth, are you missing your goals, are you not selling at all, etc.

Where can you find a good SEO company?

So you've decided that things aren't as good as they could be or maybe you just want even more growth for your online business.

Now, it's time to find just the right SEO Company that will fit the skills needed for your project and deliver within your budget.

Things To Consider

The Best Company May Not Rank the Highest

I know what your thinking... The Best SEO Company should rank the highest in a Google search. However that is not always the case. Some really great Search Engine Optimization consultants DO rank well in Google's searches but then again some of the Best SEO firms don't rank well at all.

These companies are often busy working hard for their clients and don't have a need for a lot of leads and so don't spend the time to rank their site.  Just keep in mind when searching for a good SEO company that high rankings are not the end-all be-all factor.

Word of Mouth

The oldest form of marketing is word of mouth. Despite all the newest technology, apps and AI the most trustworthy way to find a good business is a referral from a trusted source. 

Ask around and talk with some other business owners in your area to see who they use and if they have any past experiences or advice they can share.

SEO Directories & Listing Sites

Another great way to find a good SEO Company if you don't have any business contacts in your area is on a SEO Directory website that lists the Best SEO Companies in your area. 

Several of these sites exist and you should try to find one that does manual reviews of the companies included. This will ensure that all the search optimization companies listed are in fact High Quality SEO providers. 

Beware of any directory that appears to list firms in priority of higher payments. Paid ads are fine but should clearly be labeled as such.

Is this SEO company reliable?

Determining who is the Best SEO

Once you've narrowed down your search to just a few of the top SEO companies it's time to decide which will get your business. There are a few methods of determining who is the best SEO for your business.

Talk With A Consultant 

One of the best methods of deciding on a SEO provider is to talk with one of their search optimization consultants.  Ask them questions specific to your business. If they give canned responses that seem generic they may be sales oriented and not true experts.

Understand The Plan

Any good search engine optimization campaign should be easily understood. While there maybe many technical issues beyond your expertise you should understand the basic concept such as fixing broken links, creating new content, changing titles, etc.

If you are being pitched something that seems way to complex or something only their firm can deliver chances are it might not be legit. Find a company that you feel comfortable with their SEO plan.

View example SEO reports.

Before hiring a search engine optimization team you should take a look at a sample report. Most good SEO firms will be happy to share a sample report with the client name blocked out. 

Look For Growth First

While number 1 ranking are great they can be unrealistic for a company just starting out in a competitive industry. Instead of looking to see a bunch of #1 ranked sites you should be looking at overall growth. Where did they start where did they finish and what was the growth percentage.

If you see continual growth in the sample reports, chances are you will be able to achieve similar results with this SEO provider.

Where's The Rankings

Rankings still matter and at the end of the day the SEO firm you choose needs to be able to produce results. High Ranking clients shouldn't be the only factor in your decision but should definitely be in the mix. 

Look to see several SEO clients that rank on the top page , preferably in the top 3 spots for several of their target keywords.

What does this SEO service cost?

Another major factor when choosing the best SEO for your company is price. Not all SEO's are priced the same and not all provide the same services. Keep this in mind as you try to compare apples to oranges.

Small Vs Large Firms

Depending on your business size you may opt to hire a large SEO firm or a small SEO firm. In general, smaller firms will offer lower cost of entry however some large SEO agencies also offer small business pricing.

Time Frame

Many SEO providers are on contract basis which will ensure the firm has enough time to deliver the results of any given campaign. It also takes some time to analyze results and make adjustments to your SEO plan accordingly.

However, you should consider any company locking you into a long term contract for more than 1 year as suspicious. 

Start with a SEO site audit.

A great place to start with any SEO firm is a SEO site audit. Some SEO companies will offer a basic free audit during the initial consultation and then do a more in-depth audit upon hire.


Having an audit run on your website will give you a benchmark of where your website currently stands and what needs to be done. This can provide your business with an actionable item list for SEO improvement.

Hire a SEO

Now that you have a better idea of the company you are working with and the SEO tactics they will implore to increase your site's rankings, it's time to commit. 

You can now confidently make a decision in hiring the Best SEO Company for your business based on the research you've done.

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